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Oakbrook Elementary Clubs & Activities


Oakbrook School Recycling Club “Green Team”

1st and 2nd Graders, who have received parent permission, can  join the Green Team as a representative for their class. The Green Team meets once a month during the student's lunch/recess time.

The Green Team promotes “thinking green” at Oakbrook School in a number of different ways which include:

  • reminding people to bring waste free lunches and to use both sides of paper before throwing it away
  • collecting empty ink cartridges & old cell phones to be recycled and earn money for our activities and school
  • helping the Oakbrook PTO with the collection of Box Tops in order to earn money for PTO programs
  • collecting pop top pull tabs to donate and support Ronald McDonalds House Charities
  • collecting batteries and empty glue sticks to be recycled in support of our environment
  • collecting books and old eye glasses to be donated to those in need
  • organizing the collection of school supplies at the end of the school year to be donated to those in need

Mrs. Kelly Hirsig leads the Green Team in supporting Oakbrook School’s efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse the resources in our environment.

Wellness Club

In an effort to provide additional Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Ms. Krissy Kwilos leads 1st and 2nd grade students through strategies and methods on how to calm their bodies and build positive mind for our students.  Throughout the year, Ms. Kwilos will focus on spreading positivity by creating posters and signs for the school, learning yoga, learning meditation to calm anxiety, physical fitness to clear our minds, building a "worry pet," making healthy food choices, learn how to make healthy snacks, and how to use a Positive Growth Mindset.  Groups will meet each month with Ms. Kwilos.

Reading Club